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Tudor domain-containing proteins of Drosophila melanogaster 期刊论文
Development Growth & Differentiation, 2012, 卷号: 54, 期号: 1, 页码: 32-43
Authors:  Ying MY;  Chen DH
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Mitochondrial behavior during oogenesis in zebrafish: A confocal microscopy analysis 期刊论文
Development Growth & Differentiation, 2008, 卷号: 50, 期号: 3, 页码: 189-201
Authors:  Zhang YZ;  Ouyang YC;  Hou Y;  Schatten H;  Chen DY;  Sun QY
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Activation of protein kinase C induces cortical granule exocytosis in a Ca2+-independent manner, but not the resumption of cell cycle in porcine eggs 期刊论文
Development Growth & Differentiation, 1997, 卷号: 39, 期号: 4, 页码: 523-529
Authors:  Sun QY;  Wang WH;  Hosoe H;  Taniguchi T;  Chen DY;  Shioya Y
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