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The jumping mechanism of flea beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Alticini), its application to bionics and preliminary design for a robotic jumping leg 期刊论文
ZOOKEYS, 2020, 期号: 915, 页码: 87-105
Authors:  Ruan Yongying;  Konstantinov Alexander S.;  Shi Guanya;  Tao Yi;  Li You;  Johnsonm Andrew J.;  Luo Xiaozhu;  Zhang Xinying;  Zhang Mengna;  Wu Jianing;  Li Wenzhu;  Ge SQ(葛斯琴);  Yang Xingke
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A new species of Queskallion Smetana, 2015 (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Quediina) from China 期刊论文
ZOOKEYS, 2020, 期号: 945, 页码: 153-161
Authors:  Cai Yanpeng;  Li XY(李晓燕);  Zhou HZ(周红章)
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First description of the male Quelaestrygon puetzi Smetana, 1999 (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Staphylinini) from China 期刊论文
ZOOKEYS, 2020, 期号: 944, 页码: 121-127
Authors:  Cai Yanpeng;  Li XY(李晓燕);  Zhou HZ(周红章)
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Notes on the genus Trigonotoma from China, with descriptions of two new species (Carabidae, Pterostichinae) 期刊论文
ZOOKEYS, 2020, 期号: 921, 页码: 49-64
Authors:  Zhu Pingzhou;  Shi Hongliang;  Liang HB(梁红斌)
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New record of Didymocorypha Wood-Mason (Mantodea, Eremiaphilidae) from China, with description of a new high-altitude wingless mantis species in Asia 期刊论文
ZooKeys, 2020, 卷号: 922, 期号: 2, 页码: 51-64
Authors:  Wu Chao;  Liu CX(刘春香)
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Taxonomic revision of Telemidae (Arachnida, Araneae) from East and Southeast Asia 期刊论文
ZOOKEYS, 2020, 期号: 933, 页码: 15-93
Authors:  Zhao Huifeng;  Li SQ(李枢强);  Zhang Aibing
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Eight new species of the spider genus Pimoa (Araneae, Pimoidae) from Tibet, China 期刊论文
ZOOKEYS, 2020, 期号: 940, 页码: 79-104
Authors:  Zhang Xiaoqing;  Lan Tianqi;  Nie Lei;  Li SQ(李枢强)
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Thirty-one new species of the spider genus Leclercera from Southeast Asia (Araneae, Psilodercidae) 期刊论文
ZOOKEYS, 2020, 期号: 913, 页码: 1-87
Authors:  Chang Wan-Jin;  Li SQ(李枢强)
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Twenty-eight new species of the spider genus Merizocera Fage, 1912 (Araneae, Psilodercidae) from South and Southeast Asia 期刊论文
ZOOKEYS, 2020, 期号: 961, 页码: 41-118
Authors:  Chang Wan-Jin;  Yao Zhiyuan;  Li SQ(李枢强)
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Epimeria liui sp. nov., a new calcified amphipod (Amphipoda, Amphilochidea, Epimeriidae) from a seamount of the Caroline Plate, NW Pacific 期刊论文
ZOOKEYS, 2020, 期号: 922, 页码: 1-11
Authors:  Wang Yanrong;  Zhu CD(朱朝东);  Sha Zhongli;  Ren Xianqiu
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